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EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen is one of the world's leading and most innovative companies in the design and manufacture of plastics recycling systems. The company was founded in 1983, its headquarters are located in Ansfelden (Austria). More than 4,000 EREMA pelleting lines worldwide produce over 14 million tons of plastic pellets per year.

EREMA equipment is:

  • reliable technology from the world leader;

  • excellent quality of the final product;

  • customized solutions according to customer requirements;

  • continuous innovation that provides an edge;

  • first-class service around the world;

The extrusion line for pelletizing plastic waste EREMA 1514 TVEplus ecoSAVE was selected for the implementation of a project for the creation of a production facility for the processing of secondary polymer waste with a high degree of contamination, based on the following technical and economic characteristics:

  • Line productivity from 800 to 1300 kg per hour, depending on the type and characteristics of the processed material;

  • The ability to recycle heavily printed films and materials with a residual moisture of up to 12% at a consistently high productivity;

  • The melt filtration system, consisting of four blocks of replaceable mesh filters with automatic cleaning of the filtering surface by the reverse melt flow;

  • Filtration of the melt prior to degassing in the extruder enhances subsequent degassing efficiency and improves melt properties;

  • Improved degassing due to material heating in a thermal compactor, optimal screw design and double degassing of the extruder barrel;

  • The implemented ecoSAVE resource saving system allows to reduce energy consumption by 12%, reduce CO2 emissions and reduce operating costs.

  • EREMA equipment is mainly used for the processing of washed polyethylene and polypropylene flakes (flex) coming from the SOREMA crushing and washing complex.

The principle of the granulation line:

Loading (1) of flakes is carried out automatically by a feeding belt conveyor. In the thermal compactor (2), the material is additionally crushed, mixed, heated, dried, compacted, buffered and dosed for uniform and continuous feeding into a tangentially connected single-screw extruder. In the barrel of the extruder (3), the material is plasticized. At the end of the plasticization zone, the melt from the extruder enters the automatic self-cleaning filter (4), where the melt is cleaned and returned to the extruder. After filtration, the final homogenization of the melt occurs (5). In the subsequent degassing zone (6), the filtered and homogenized melt is degassed. After that, through the unloading zone (7), the melt under minimal pressure enters the hot granulation system (8), where it passes through the holes of the die, is cut with rotating knives and, after cooling with water, turns into a granule.